Frisian Traits


Frisians are fierce warriors, proud and independent. Tribal tradition and ties run paramount among the Frisians with the concerns and taboos of their own particular family group high in their concerns. Frisians revere the pagan gods common to all of the human player character races although they hold them in somewhat lesser esteem and the ghosts of their ancestors as a more close and pressing concern. Because of their ancestor cult the Frisians are more likely than the other human player cultures to remain mindful of tribal or clan feuds or take offense over insults which occurred during the lives of their fathers and even their long dead forefathers.

Physical Description

Frisians are the tallest of the human player character races. As a rule they stand six feet tall with some rising as high as six foot and eight inches. They are big of bone and tend to be warriors of a solid and heavy build. Frisians are primarily a blond haired people although some portion of their number possess red hair or shades of light brown. Frisians tend to be fair of skin with dark eyes.


Frisians typically incorporate into their armor or dress the image or feathers or fur or claws of a totem animal important to their particular tribe. Frisians tend to be somewhat sensitive to how mundane animals respected as totem brothers or guides are treated. A Frisian whose tribe holds the black deer to be of special importance as a totem for his tribe is likely to take grave insult if a black deer is slain out of hand by adventuring companions unless certain ceremonial actions are taken to show the proper respect for the spirit of the animal in question.


Frisians tend to cooperate with Geats and Wulfings. They ply a regular trade with those folk and consider them to hold similar if not the same customs and traditions. The typical Frisian views the Jutelanders to be dangerous and suspect. At the very least Jutelanders are considered to be landless and kingless rogues or wanderers who are shiftless with no real honor or sense of loyalty. On the extreme other end of the spectrum certain tribes of Frisians are known to slaughter any Jutelanders they encounter and post their heads on tall poles as a warning to any others in the area to leave while they have the chance.

Surprisingly the Frisians with their older cultural values and outlook tend to tolerate those born as Trollkin more than the other human races. Children which develop the rare Trollkin features are usually adopted by the wider village and are raised more as wards of the entire community. They are viewed as a sign of the continued presence and lingering observation of the oldest of the great old ones. Frisians with their bent towards ancestor worship are slow to want to anger those powerful spirits or nearly faded gods of the past, even those whose names and stories are largely forgotten.

On the other hand Frisians have little tolerance for those born with Elfkin traits. Infants who show Elfkin features too early may be set out into the wilderness and given over to the elements. As a whole Elfkin born within the Frisian tribes are believed to be changelings. The story goes that the original infant is stolen away by the elves and a child of mixed blood is left behind for the human family to raise as its own.

The Frisian outlook on the Elves as a whole is that they are altogether alien and somewhat terrifying. A Frisian child that survives to the age of six or seven before showing signs of their Elfkin background is usually tolerated by the community. Elfkin are tolerated but are not incorporated into the wider community. They tend to find themselves stuck on the cultural edge of the tribe and because of this often work at spending their time alone to explore their natural talent for arcane magic.

Alignment and Religion

Generally a Frisian is of the neutral good or chaotic good alignments. Some lesser portion of the Frisians are true neutral with an even smaller portion of the community falling into the range of neutral evil and lawful evil.

Frisian Racial Traits

+1 Strength, +1 to any ability score of the player’s choice to represent the varied nature of humans.
Medium: Humans are Medium ceratures and have no modifications because of their size.
Normal Speed: Base speed of 30 feet.
Bonus Feat: One additional feat at first level.
Skilled: +1 skill rank at first level and +1 skill rank each level they advance.
Languages: Frisian, Anglo-Saxon and the common trade tongue of Latin. Frisian has no written language. Frisians are considered to begin as literate in Anglo-Saxon but illiterate in Latin. To become literate in Latin the player must expend their bonus skill point to change their Latin from illiterate to literate during character creation.

Note: Learning to read / write or speak a new language is a long and difficult process which most likely will not be allowed to occur during the period of months covered by the unfolding campaign.

Frisian Traits

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